Sometimes, I feel that the sunrise is often neglected for it's immediate beauty and the potential day that it brings across the horizon.

Tomorrow's sunrise brings with a the launch of daily training programming on the blog.

POWER - 9 week cycle (MTWRFSa)
SIZE - 5 week cycle (MTRSa)
CONDITIONING - Ongoing variety
FINISHER - Ongoing variety

Post your results to the comments!



"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing"
-Helen Keller

This ripped callous, as a result of heavy snatch singles on a new bar, is a sign of the times. I remember once where, shortly after my mother-in-law commented that I have hands of and artist and not of a handyman, that I swore that I would get my hands dirtier and more marked up. I pledged to my then girlfriend and now wife that i want to have more scars on my knuckles and denser digits. While I don't have the hands of a grizzly or grizzled veteran carpenter or mechanic for that matter, they are hands that can do a whole hell of a lot more now than they could back then, when I first started over turning stones in regards to human health and performance. 


Ghost Crabs: Your Previous Incarnation?

It took a few days to see it and even then, I wasn't quite sure if I truly saw it or if there was anything there at all. Let me back up a bit. At the writing of the post it has been about 3 weeks since I have been back from my Hawaiian honeymoon with my wife, Karen. The beauty, culture and way of life doesn't hit you in Maui, it washes over you like the warm salt water that laps at her white sandy beaches. For the first 2-3 days, I caught myself continually trapped and distracted by the scenery as well of the stress melting away as the sun and air soothed my being. Okay, so maybe Maui struck a hippy chord in me harder than I had originally thought. It was because of this over abundant stimulus, that I never noticed the small things until a couple of days in. Then it started. A specter like movement in my periphery; floating above the beach. The first sighting happened as we tried to catch the sunset on night one. The second sighting occured as we basked in the hot tub under the stars. Then, at first, Karen spotted it as we waited on the shore for happy hour to occur. Moments later, I saw it too and had to investigate!


The Trial of Raspberry Ketones or How I Learned to Limit My Tangents

Okay, so maybe I am a little behind the times here but, I felt as though I needed to chime in on something. To start off, I must say that this may be the first in a series of posts that follow an anti-miracle pill motif. I tend to get on rant tears and I don't know where this one will end up.

My target today is the raspberry ketone. You may have heard about it first, as it has been popularized, on the Dr. Oz show. TANGENT ALERT!: Now, I hope that I do not share the same audience as the great and powerful Oz and thus, maybe you have just seen bulletins on the roadside such as promotional tools for your neighbourhood "health food" store. By the way, the last time I was in a "health food" store all I can seem to recall was bottles of pills and solutions. The closest thing to a food item would be coconut oil, which I highly advocate and you'll get a glimpse later in the post. I would like to say more regarding Dr.Oz but if I continue on, I'll be late for my train and I'll never get back on track.